How to Apply

Consult Program Guide

Please read through the Program Guide to ensure you understand the objectives of the BC Agriculture and Food Export Program and what your organization is eligible for. Review the list of eligible activities and costs to ensure your project meets funding criteria.

Gather Quotes for Large Budget Items

Budget items over $5,000 require supporting quotes. It is understood that quotes may likely expire before the project begins; however, they are still required to confirm the details of your project costs.

Complete an Application Form and Project Budget

To apply, create an account through the portal. After registering, select the funding stream that best fits your organization and complete an application form that details the project activities, objectives, and timelines.

A Project Budget will be required. You will be asked to list individual expenses, outputs and corresponding activities you would like to claim for. More information on the different eligible activities and outputs can be found in the Program Guide. The Project Budget is a standalone document that you will need to complete, upload to the portal, and attach to each application prior to submitting.

Completed application forms must be submitted through the portal by 16:00 Pacific Standard Time on February 2, 2024. Late submissions will not be accepted. Once submitted for review, the application form and project budget cannot be changed.

Next Steps


Wait for Funding Decisions

All submitted applications will be reviewed through a competitive process and eligible applicants will be reviewed using a merit-based review process to allocate available cost share funding to projects that best align with the Program criteria.

If an application is approved, Program Management will inform the applicant of the details of the decision and any associated terms and conditions via email.

If an application is not approved, the applicant will be notified of the decision and will be offered feedback, should they wish to request it.


Review Funding Agreement

Organizations that are successful in their application will be invited to enter into a Funding Agreement with Program Management which will outline the obligations of each party for the approved project.


Accept Funding

Once the recipient has entered into a Funding Agreement with Program Management, they can begin to incur expenses towards their project. Future reporting obligations and reimbursement instructions will be included in the Funding Agreement.

Program Information Session

On January 10th, 2024 the BC Agriculture and Food Export Program Management team hosted an information session. The recording is now available for reference.